Building Homes

We Build Homes To Share Christ’s Love

Participation in the Casa De Dios (“House from God”) translates the words of Jesus Christ, “…as you have done to the least of these my brethren, you have done unto Me” into responsive hearts and hands of outreach.  In 2-5 days your team will provide a badly needed 16’x20′, 3-room, weatherproof home with a loft for a poor family living in slum conditions.  The houses are durable, efficiently designed, and serve families for many years.  Multiple rooms give the family needed privacy and dignity.  A concrete slab floor and all construction materials are provided through Baja Christian Ministries.  Technical assistance is also available if needed. Construction tasks include framing, siding, wiring, roofing, painting, and drywall often occurring at the same time! Regardless of your construction skills, gender, or age, there is something for everyone to do!

What do I do next?

  1. Pray that the Lord would direct you to a core group of 3-4 others who share your desire to experience this outreach and would help you communicate the vision to a wider group of people
  2. If you have never been to Baja before plan initial visit.
  3. Download a BCM Info Packet This packet provides more details and will educate, inspire, and encourage your group to participate in the Casa De Dios house building experience. When you are ready to pursue the project BCM can help guide you to assemble the project team and give ideas raise the necessary funds.
  4.  If you are experienced group please consider inviting another church or group to build alongside you next time so you can share your experience and combine resources.  For nearly the same effort of planning, your impact can be doubled as a mentor group!
  5. Plan a Trip!!

Who can participate?

Project teams can originate from Sunday School classes, youth groups, Bible study groups, or other church or parachurch groups, Christian schools/universities, community service groups, businesses or anyone committed to serving the needs of the poor.  The timeframe for the project and outreaches can be as short as a weekend, or as long as a week.  A variety of accommodations exist ranging from camping at the project site, to staying at a bunk house or ranch equipped with showers and cooking facilities, to staying at a comfortable hotel in Rosarito Beach.

The cost of each house is $8,800*** (subject to change) for preparation work, materials, and administration. Additional costs will include transportation to Mexico, accommodations , and any other expenses related to special evangelism or distribution outreaches.

God brings financial resources for these projects in many different ways.  BCM has resources to help!








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