Build a Home!

In just one weekend, you can build a 16’x20′, 3-room, weatherproof home with a loft for a poor family living in destitute conditions.  The houses are durable, efficiently designed, and serve families for many years. Multiple rooms give the family needed privacy and dignity.  A concrete slab floor and all construction materials are provided.  Tasks include framing, siding, electrical wiring, roofing, painting, and drywall.  No matter your skills, gender, or age, there is something for everyone!

Project teams can originate from youth groups, Bible study & church groups,  Schools/universities, community service groups, or anyone committed to serving the needs of the poor.

Accommodations range from camping at the project site to a ranch equipped with showers and cooking facilities or staying at a comfortable hotel in Tijuana, Rosarito Beach, or Tecate.

The cost of each house is $10,000** (subject to change) for preparation work, materials, trip insurance, portable toilet, and administration. Additional costs include transportation to Mexico, accommodations, and any other expenses related to special evangelism or distribution outreaches.

God brings financial resources for these projects in many different ways.  Please contact Baja Christian Ministries for partnership ideas.

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